A Comprehensive Guide To Buying A Dining Table


A dining table is an important piece of furniture. It is where numerous families gather to eat and to bond. This is often placed in the kitchen or at least in the room adjacent. A good dining table is often pricey, which is why you should make an informed choice when buying one. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to buy a dining table that will perfectly suit your house and kitchen.

Check the material

Migdon Modern Dark Sonoma Oak Faux Wood Dining Table with Clear Tempered Glass Legs

The first thing about a dining table is its sturdiness. The table is expected to carry a lot of weight like vases, plates, food, and the elbows of the dinners. The sturdiness will also guarantee that the table will last for a long time. You might want to choose a table that is made of hardwood like walnut, maple, oak, or mahogany.

You can try glass

GreenForest Dining Table Modern Round Glass
GreenForest Dining Table Modern Round Glass

Glass tables may be mistaken as fragile and impractical but they’re sturdier than you think. The glass is thick enough to act as a tabletop. The legs are placed at strategic points to support its whole weight. Not to mention, glass tables are very versatile. They can work with a lot of designs, particularly contemporary ones.

Additionally, glass tables are now made with a tempered safety glass. This means that they are more resistant to heat and scratches.

A portable table can be a good choice

PHI VILLA Large Outdoor Patio Metal Portable Bistro Table

Engineers and architects have crafted tables that are portable and easy to transport. This is a good option for individuals who are always on the move. A heavy table will be impractical to lug around. You can try a small square or round table with foldable legs. These tables usually have hollow metal legs and are made of light wood.

Make sure the shape and size are correct

You can’t just randomly shove a table into a dining space. Measure the space that you can spare. You need to take note of the walking spaces and aisles surrounding the table. The table you choose should be large enough to fit your family but not too big that it makes a room feel cramped and uncomfortable.

Round tables are perfect for compact rooms. You can pair it with a dining area that has a square shape. This offers some variation and contrast. They can also offer flexibility. You can fit more people in a round table than in a table with edges.

Select an appropriate color and style

Make sure that your table matches the theme of the room. Classic primary colors like red or blue are a thing of the past. Try some industrial-themed shades like dark brown or gray. You can use a black table for a minimalist setting. You also have the option to choose tables with textured surfaces. A country table could give the feeling of warmth and coziness. The natural lines on wood can also add some variation to your dining space.

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