How To Decide Your Kitchen Design? - How To Decide Your Kitchen Design? -

How To Decide Your Kitchen Design?

How To Decide Your Kitchen Design?

The kitchen design is an essential area of discussion. However, all the rooms in the house are crucial, but the most important of all is the kitchen. It is a place where we women start and end our day. The kitchen is the main area where most everyone eats together.
Moreover, the kitchen tells a lot about us, the way we live. Therefore designing the kitchen needs to be done correctly. One must design each corner and space to make the best out of it.

How To Decide Your Kitchen Design?
How To Decide Your Kitchen Design?

Few Tips To Choose Tiles Design For The Kitchen

Choose the exact place where you want the tiles to be placed or set in the kitchen before choosing the material.

Do not choose the same tiles for the walls as well as the floor. Furthermore, flooring tiles are different from the wall tiles. Flooring tiles must not be slippery and glossy. The look needs to be decent. Thereby, the wall tiles must be attractive and appealing.

Set your budget before you choose a design or type of tile. For example, ceramic tiles can be costly, and on the contrary, linoleum and vinyl tiles are less expensive.

Always choose tiles that have longevity. However, for countertops, ceramic tiles are very durable. Some ceramic tiles are heat resistant. They can bear the heat of the stove and hot utensils. For the floor, porcelain tiles are very demanding.

The coefficient of friction is necessary for kitchen tiles. That is, if COF is low, then the tiles can be too slippery. However, choose tiles that are at the above level. Use Quarry tiles for the floor. It is expensive than the ceramic tiles, but when set together, it looks magnificent.

Best Way To Utilize Space In Different Types Of Kitchen Design

One Wall Kitchen- basically found in studio apartments. In this case, one counter is available, which is difficult for preparation. If you do not have space to extend your kitchen, add a table. It can serve two purposes that are dining and food preparation. Moreover, one can also opt for folding doors, which will help to close it when not in use.
Galley Kitchen- this is the most common kitchen design found in urban buildings. It has counters on both sides and has walking space too. The center space looks like a corridor in which one can work or move about. It has a compact layout. It gives a functional storage capacity even in the kitchen, which has small spaces. Moreover, if even one portion of the wall is open, the kitchen will seem connected with the living area of the house and will be airy enough.
G Shape Kitchen- G-shape kitchen is a peninsula kitchen. Furthermore, it gives an extra counter, which can be easily useable for dining purposes. The additional table is useful for preparation work. Thereby, add hanging lights over the spare desk. Lights will help to lighten and brighten the kitchen on the whole.

How To Decide Your Kitchen Design?
How To Decide Your Kitchen Design?


One needs to plan and design the kitchen properly. Every part can be utilized to create space in the kitchen. With a bright mind, one can easily make the kitchen look spacious and stylish. Moreover, remember everything in the kitchen needs to blend. Be it furniture, tiles, flooring, ceiling, and so on. Everything, when seen together as a whole, must look beautiful.

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