Kitchen Cabinets: Some Of The Types Of Them

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Types Of Kitchen Cabinets

The first thing that comes to mind while making a new house or renovating it is that it should be spacious. This article will help you understand various types of kitchen cabinets and how they are different from each other in terms of function and cost. This will help you make the process easier and quicker. You can also decide whether you need a framed or a frameless cabinet. The cabinets come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. It can also be custom made. These cabinets are best to store food, cooking utensils, appliances like refrigerator, oven, dishwashers can also structure within these cabinets. To find the best for you, it is essential to have a detailed plan of your kitchen and how would you want your kitchen to look.

Various Types Of Kitchen Cabinets

Various Types Of Kitchen Cabinets

Space also plays a vital role when deciding on storage and hence keep the area and mind and plan accordingly. Primarily budget also plays an important role while deciding the cabinet as the cabinets come in varied range and variety. The cabinets are decided to keep in mind the exact floor plan. The pan should be detailed and should involve all the areas in the kitchen that needs a cabinet. Making a simple and easy to understand sketch of the kitchen is a good idea to avoid confusion and make a better decision. Cabinets can turn around the look of the kitchen, and it is very important to go for the one that perfectly fits with the layout, interior, storage space, and color. These decisions take time and an effective detailed eye to come to a conclusion that beautifully fits the whole ambiance.

Face-Frame Kitchen Cabinets:

The face-frame cabinets come with a hinge on the outside. There is a full overlay that comes with the cabinet. The doors and drawers look at the cabinet. These cabinets appear like the European style frameless cabinets. Framed cabinets ensure great stability but also comes with a drawback that there is a less storage space.

Various Types Of Kitchen Cabinets

Various Types Of Kitchen Cabinets

Frameless Cabinets:

These are more popular than any other cabinets. If you want to give a sleek and contemporary style, then this is the best option to go for. These cabinets provide more storage space and are also inspired by European design.

Both cabinets will give a classy and elegant look to the kitchen. It is your decision on how these cabinets can be arranged and perfectly suits your interior.

Base Cabinets:  The size of a standard base cabinet is 24 inches breadth, 36 inches length, and maybe up to 27 inches tall.

Wall Cabinet: The cabinet is 12 inches deep and can be increased up to 17 inches.

Tall Cabinet: The tall cabinets have a standard height of 83.7 inches and can be used as a space to keep extra stuff in the kitchen like broom or pantry.

Specialty Units: These cabinets help you organize things better. Each unit is uniquely made for a particular use. These include a sink, cooktop, hutches, bottle racks, and making the kitchen look organized or appliances.

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