Kitchen Hacks: How to Make A Small Kitchen Feel Spacious

A cramped kitchen is not a good kitchen. It can make you feel restrained and it can limit your movements. We know that it’s quite expensive to have your kitchen remodeled just to get more space. Thankfully, there are kitchen hacks that can give the illusion that you have a larger space. Here are a few spacious kitchen hacks to make your kitchen appear larger.

Use white paint

White paint can help your kitchen feel more open and airy. This is because white reflects light best. You can paint over all of your cabinets and walls. This creates a seamless transition throughout the walls. The result gives an illusion of endlessness and spaciousness. On the contrary, contrasting colors can disrupt the seamless flow on the walls.

Keep the area well-lit

The white paint won’t work on its own. You need a lot of light to bound off the walls. A gloomy kitchen will feel cramped and small. If you have a window, remove the curtain or use a sheer one instead. Let as much natural light enter the space. Use strong lightbulbs that can illuminate every nook and cranny in your kitchen. In that way, space can still feel large, even at night.

Maximize the vertical space

Don’t let the walls be just walls. You can use them as additional storage space. You can install tension rods on which you can hang up your towels. There could be pegs and hooks for pots and pans. As a bonus, the neat arrangement of pots and pans can also serve as decoration. You may also install additional shelves with compartments inside. You can clear up the surface area of the kitchen by placing some of the things on the walls.

Eliminate clutter

As much as possible, avoid hoarding. Throw out what you no longer need. Space is valuable and don’t waste it on things that are not worth it. Make it a habit to replace things back into shelves or hidden drawers. The clutter can make the kitchen cramped and can also be a tripping hazard.

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