Kitchen Safety And Cooking Tools

Kitchen Safety And Cooking Tools

Kitchen safety is something that must never be overlooked. A kitchen is a place where the maximum number of domestic cuts, burns, and accidents might happen. While we spend a lot of health insurance and such, we do not pay enough heed to kitchen safety. We must stock the kitchen with proper tools. Also, we need to make sure we are storing things the right way on our kitchen shelves, especially if you have kids in your house. The right kitchen tools will make cooking a pleasant and more comfortable experience for anyone. Therefore, let us learn a little bit more about it.

Kitchen Safety and Cooking Tools
Kitchen Safety And Cooking Tools

What Elevates Kitchen Safety

You could go crazy while stocking your kitchen with utensils. However, to work efficiently, only a few tools might suffice. The best kitchen tools also do not have to be expensive.

To start with, get a straight-edged chef’s knife and a serrated edge knife. Likely, you will not need much else for efficiently dicing vegetables and cutting bread. Though most knives now come as ‘dishwasher safe,’ it might be better to wash the blade manually. If properly maintained, a chef’s knife can last you a very long time. To clean the knife, you need to use warm water and good quality detergent. Then, dry the knife immediately. Doing so will preserve the longevity of the steel. Also, make sure you do not use your knife to do other things in the house, like opening a jammed bottle, etc. That damages the Knife edge. To help with the dull edge, keep a sharpening tool handy.

A cutting board is also essential for cutting vegetables without damaging your kitchen countertop from juices and stains. Cutting boards are easy to wash. It is advisable even to keep two cutting boards handy, one for vegetable and one exclusively meat. Also, you can place a wet washcloth under the board to provide some friction and hold in place. This way, you will avoid any cut that can result from the board sliding.

Make sure to get the right kind of pots and cookery for your kitchen. Use lightweight metal pots that distribute heat evenly, but are not too heavy to lift. Also, see that your containers have excellent and sturdy handles on both sides so that they are easy to hold and lift.

Kitchen Safety And Cooking Tools
Kitchen Safety And Cooking Tools

Some Other Tips

If you have children in your home who have access to the kitchen, you need to be extra careful. Firstly, you need to make sure that you keep all poisonous things like dishwashing liquid, detergents, pesticides out of reach of children. It is best if they stay on the top cabinets and shelves, where children cannot reach.

Also, make sure to store all sharp-edged articles in a locked up block. Also, be careful with pointed stuff like forks. In case your children are interested in cooking or baking, make sure you supervise them or train them well so they do not hurt themselves. It will be an excellent practice to teach your children about their safety around the kitchen.

Since accidents can happen to even the most careful of people, it is essential to have the first aid handy. Keep a first aid box near you, stocked with ointments for cuts and burns, band-aids, etc.

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