Making Kitchen Bin Compost


What is a Kitchen Bin Compost?

Firstly, you should know about compost and composting. Compost is a natural fertilizer made from the decomposition of plants and weeds. The process of making compost is called composting. This process is used for making compost by farmers and gardeners. Decomposing kitchen wastes, garden weed, and plants make kitchen bin compost. Nowadays gardening, kitchen garden and composting are in trend. Day by day awareness of recycling of waste is increasing. Thus to recycle kitchen wastes, kitchen compost bins are used. 

People are taking efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle wastes. Composting helps to reduce organic waste and reuse them as fertilizers. Instead of throwing away kitchen wastes, garden weeds, and dry leaves, you can make compost and contribute to waste management.

Kitchen Bin Compost
Kitchen Bin Compost


For making kitchen bin compost at home, you can use kitchen wastes, food scraps, fruits and vegetable peels, dry leaves, eggshells, spoilt vegetables, and garden wastes like small plants, weeds, scrubs, and twigs. You should avoid adding meat, fats, and dairy products to the compost pile. Waste papers newspapers and soil are the other ingredients required for composting.

Compost Bin

Most importantly you need a compost bin in which you can prepare compost. Any container can be used for making compost. Plastic containers, stainless steel bins, barrels, and bamboo bins any such content is useful as a compost bin. In addition to this, you need a lid which lets air pass in and out of the bin. Nowadays, compost bins are available in the market and online shopping websites. They are available in various designs to suit the home and kitchen decor.

Compost Bin
Compost Bin

Furthermore, many sites give you tips for making compost bins at home.  All you need is a container of your choice and drill holes in the lid for making a compost bin at home. Then cover a nylon sheet over the holes to prevent flies and bugs from getting into the container.

Process of Making Kitchen Bin Compost

First of all, take an appropriate container that is your compost bin. Secondly, put some soil at the bottom of the bin. Thirdly, add the saved kitchen wastes and all other compost ingredients. Finally, add newspaper on the top and cover the container with a lid.  Once you have filled your tank, let it rest for some time. You need to stir this mixture once a week. Stirring will aerate the mix and help in decomposition.

Most importantly, it takes about three months for compost to be ready. Thus you need to keep a check on your compost bin. Hence make sure to cover the container tightly to prevent the breeding of pests and files.


Kitchen wastes are full of nutrients, so making compost will be a fertilizer for your plants in the garden and at home. Kitchen food scraps are a rich source of carbon and nitrogen. Thus adding compost to the soil improves the soil quality of your garden. Composting reduces wastes and helps to preserve the environment. Hence composting is the best solution to reduce overall organic wastes.

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