The Best Kitchen Lights For You


A kitchen is the most important part of any house. Because it is the place that fills your stomach, literally! That is where you spend most of your time cooking your favorite meals. When you spend so much of your time there, you must make sure your kitchen is comfortable for you in all aspects, including its furniture, lightings and other equipment. Today in this article, we shall talk about the best kitchen lights for you.

Why Do You Need Kitchen Lights?

As mentioned above, the kitchen is where you prepare all the yummy food for yourself and your family. So when you have good lighting, it can aid quality food preparation and presentation.

If you have seen, all the professional kitchens are decorated with different types of lights. Good kitchen lighting also gives you positive energy and confidence to prepare good quality food. Now let us talk a bit about how to set up the task lights for your kitchen.

How To Set Up Kitchen Lights

The Best Kitchen Lights For You
The Best Kitchen Lights For You

If you are planning to do a kitchen make-over, here’s a step-by-step guide to set up the kitchen lights in the best way possible.

Identify The Work Areas

Most lights focus only on a specific area at once. If you have a bigger kitchen, it is difficult for light to spread evenly in the entire kitchen. Identify the main work areas and the right place to fix the lights.

These places could include stations where you make items like coffee, cook food, cut vegetables, or have sinks, etc.

Install The Lights

Now that you have identified the places where you need the lights to be installed, it is time now to mark up the places on the ceilings above the work station and fix the lights. Once the mark-up is done, you can install the lights as required.

Types Of Kitchen Lights

Now that you know the places where you need to install the lights, it is time to choose the right type of lights. There are several types of lights available in the market. You should choose the right ones that fit your need.

Halogen Bulbs

These are some of the most common bulbs you can find. These produce light that isn’t too harsh to your eyes. The downside is that they produce yellow light and makes the ambient turn yellow and consume relatively more energy as compared to other types.

Fluorescent Bulbs

These bulbs are tubular in structure and white. These are available in different sizes and powers. You must choose the one according to your needs and the size of your kitchen. People prefer fluorescent bulbs as they are energy efficient as compared to halogen bulbs.

Recess Lights

The Best Kitchen Lights For You
The Best Kitchen Lights For You

These lights are gaining popularity these days and more and more people are adapting to them. They are also used as decorative items and are usually fixed on the ceilings. They are small in size and throw out less amount of light. So you should fix them right above your work stations so that the light falls on your station.


There are many different types of lights available in the market to suit the different needs of your kitchen. You should wisely choose according to how you want to make your kitchen look like.

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